Our Services

We design, build, install, & finish high quality cabinets

We don't nail, we screw!

Unlike low-end cabinet shops, you'll never see a nail on the outside of our cabinets.

And we glue!

Screws and glue make a 5x stronger cabinet.

Using dovetail drawers!

With our equipment, we create dovtail draws for rock-solid construction.

M&M Cabinets designs and builds true high quality, custom cabinetry for new homes, offices or for special renovations/remodels. We design and fabricate the cabinetry to our client's wants and specifications. We work closely with home or office owners, architects, interior designers and/or contractors.

We start the project working with either sketches or architect/contractor blueprints (see a list of our frequent business partners), then generate our own compatible blueprints using our latest computer CAD system that helps us control parts, assembly and overall quality of the project.

Our custom work includes, but is not limited to - kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, home theaters, bars, libraries, closets, utility rooms and garages. Each project includes the designing, building, wood finishing, delivery, installation and post installation support. All of our products come with a 10 year limited warranty.

1. Designing

  • ➲ Expert design consultation
  • ➲ In home or office service
  • ➲ We work closely with your Architect, Contractor and/or Interior Designer
  • ➲ All measurements validated
  • ➲ Captured on a powerful computer program (CAD software)
  • ➲ Formal customer approval and sign-off

2. Building

  • ➲ Take final CAD software design and generate a BOM (bill of materials) and blue prints
  • ➲ Hand select the finest wood - Custom Cabinetry is built by skilled woodworking craftsman with years of experience
  • ➲ In process and final quality (QA) checks to ensure adherence to blue prints

3. Finishing

  • ➲ Use only quality finishing products for the best results
  • ➲ To ensure quality, finishing is done in the same facility as the cabinetry construction
  • ➲ Unfinished, stained, painted, glazed - we do it all
  • ➲ In process and final QA checks to ensure quality product and consistency

4. Delivery

  • ➲ Project pre-staged and inventory checked prior to loading
  • ➲ Delivery pre-arranged with you and/or your Contractor
  • ➲ Use our own Delivery trucks
  • ➲ Packed and un-packed carefully by experienced loaders

5. Installation

  • ➲ Scheduled with you and/or your Contractor
  • ➲ Performed by our experienced and expert staff
  • ➲ Hardware installed and fully trimmed out
  • ➲ Formal customer quality check list - Punch List

6. Post-Istallation

  • ➲ Finish up "Punch List" items
  • ➲ Provide information on Caring for Your New Wood Cabinetry
  • ➲ Available to answer any questions you may have...
  • ➲ Products come with a 10 year limited warranty.