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➲ Wood Types

M&M Cabinets has access to a wide range of domestic hardwoods, exotic and environmentally responsible wood products. We have a long standing relationship with a number of very good suppliers, so we can get the best materials at competitive prices.

We always have a large inventory of wood stock within our facility. This often helps us with reducing project lead times and meeting client's tight schedules.

NOTE : Actual colors will vary as seen on computer monitors and displays, use this web page as a rough idea of the actual color only. Please visit our showroom to view the samples in person.


Application - Favorite wood for furniture, fixtures and cabinets.
Grains - Often with swirl grain. Uniform hard texture.
Misc. - Matching plywood and mouldings available.

Red Birch

Application - Favorite wood for furniture, fixtures and cabinets.
Grains - Often with swirl grain. Uniform hard texture.
Misc. - Redish color. Matching plywood and mouldings available.


Application - Ideal for fine furniture and casework. One of the most beautiful of hardwoods.
Grains - Beautiful character with uniform texture.
Misc. - Takes a fine finish. Matching plywood available.


Application - Used widely in fine furniture.
Grains - Slightly figured, close grained. Uniform texture. Some birds eye and curly available.
Misc. - Often used for cabinet interiors, laminated counter tops.


Application - Popular hardwood for furniture.
Grains - Beautiful figured with uniform texture.
Misc. - Excellent for carvings, lathe work. Improves with age.

Clear Alder

Application - Used widely in fine furniture, furniture frames.
Grains - Close grain, uniform texture.
Misc. - Moderately light weight, low in shrinkage.

Knotty Alder

Application - Used widely in fine furniture, furniture frames,
Grains - Close knotty grain.
Misc. - Moderately light weight, low in shrinkage.


Application - Very stable and excellent for painting. Good for carving.
Grains - Close grain. Medium to soft texture.
Misc. - Machines and works well.


Application - World's premier wood for cabinetry.
Grains -Fine to medium texture. Uniform interlocking grain.
Misc. - Also used for decorative veneer, high end musical instruments, boat trimming and carvings.


Application - Premium wood mainly from Australia.
Grains - CUnique straight grain with medium to large rays.
Misc. - Also used for decorative veneer.


Application - Truely an exotic wood used in premium cabinetry.
Grains - Distinctive zebra-like grain with light and dark stripes.
Misc. - Also used for veneer and inlay.


Application - Special native African wood.
Grains - Coarse texture grain with black veins.
Misc. - With beautiful grain and interesting color often used in sculptures.

➲ Door Styles

M&M Cabinets' showroom has over 100 finished wood samples to help you select the wood, design and finish of your new cabinetry. We even have seven rooms you can look at, all with full cabinetry, all in different styles. We made an extra effort to make it easier for you to choose the exact cabinetry you always wanted.

Cope & Stick Sample Group

Cope & Stick w/raised panel

Cope & Stick w/applied Molding, flat panel

Cope & Stick w/applied molding, raised panel

Mitered Sample Group

Mitered w/flat panel

Mitered w/raised panel

Mitered w/applied molding, raised panel

Shaker Sample Group

Shaker flat panel

➲ Crown Molding

M&M Cabinets offers a wide selection of wood crown and trim to enrich the appearance of your custom cabinetry. Our showroom has many samples to look at and select from....and many are incorporated into final cabinetry examples displayed in six rooms adjoining the main showroom.

Crown wood molding always adds depth and beauty to custom cabinetry. Crown generally refers to the molding that is installed on an angle to adjoining surfaces and has a profile that projects out from the cabinet and down the cabinet face giving a rich appearance to the custom work. The most common crown we use comes in three sizes - 3 1/2", 4 1/4" and 5 1/2" .

Oval Crowns
Cove Crowns
Shaker Crowns
Detailed Crowns

➲ Accents

M&M Cabinets can add further beauty to your cabinetry by adding a distinguished bold wood Accent and/or some subtle detailed wood Accents to personalize the design. This type of detail enriches the final cabinetry making it truly a unique and luxury product. There are many Accents to choose from, below we will show you only a few examples.

M&M Cabinets uses multiple Accent vendors but Enkeboll Designs in Carson, CA has been a valuable main resource for finely crafted, high quality Accents.

Go to their website - http://www.enkeboll.com/ to view their fine products and keep in mind that we can incorporate their elegant pieces into your custom cabinetry.

Corbel Accent Sample Group

➲ Finishes

M&M Cabinets can help guide you in your selection of wood finish. The wood finish plays an important part of the final product - 1) it can enhance the wood's natural beauty, color, figure patterns, grain and depth, 2) can protect the wood from scratches, dirt, stain and wear, 3) can preserve the wood from water, oxidation and sun ultraviolet rays, and 4) can totally change the wood's appearance by adding color and hiding nature's defects.

We provide your custom cabinetry in any finish you want that matches your selected decor. To help guide you:

  • The basic undercoat finishes are - natural, stressed, stained, glazed and painted.
  • The overcoat lacquer finish options are - clear, satin and semi-gloss.
Any and all colors are available.

To help in the selection process, we have put together wood samples showing the different finishes for comparison - see Door Styles You can also visit our showroom and ask to see these samples to help you in your selection process.